Multiplication & Times Tables – Invasion Of The Moon Monkeys!

The Moon Monkeys are multiplying, it’s time to turn the tables! 

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Test your multiplication and times tables skills to the limit as you battle to save the world in a thrilling arcade style invasion adventure you just won’t want to stop playing!

The Moon Monkeys are multiplying, it’s time to turn the tables!

As featured by Apple as an ‘Editors Choice: All time Favourite’ and an Apple Staff Favourite in the US, UK and Canada!

★ ‘This arcade style game will have kids volunteering to practice their multiplication tables.’ Rated 4.5/ 5 stars –
★ ‘The theme is so fun, with bang-on high production value artwork, music, sound effects – the full meal deal. That it tackles and reinforces multiplication through a rich range of battle games is even better’ Apps for Home Schooling Rated 4/5 apples
★ ‘A nice, original and engaging game. It offers a fast game pace and gives your kids a chance to master their times table while having fun. Great design and sound effects’ Fun Educational Apps
★ ‘Since this awesome app is reward incentivized, kids enjoy learning more as the game isn’t quick to yell out how wrong they are. We think that’s pretty awesome.’


● Practice multiplication facts from 1×1 to 12 x 12
● Recognise and find factors and multiples of numbers
● Customise game play for individualised learning
● 14 games set within 5 play levels
● Intuitive joystick (or touch) controlled play
● Retro cool graphics
● Thrilling arcade style game play
● Created and developed with leading Maths Teachers

Sets of intelligence reports are the product of multiple world agencies working together to calculate how to stop the invasion of the Moon Monkeys. Number skill is the factor to a successful mission.

As the story of the invasion is reported, use your multiplication and gaming skills to defend strategic positions around the world.

Missions take place in the desert, out at sea, in the city, defending the world space centre “Ape Canaveral” and finally on the moon, the Moon Monkeys own realm.
Customise game play and build your skills in practice mode – select the multiplication fact family/ families you wish to practice (up to 12 x 12) and play the game at your own pace, pausing when necessary to build and refine your skills. Develop a fuller understanding of multiplication by identifying and recognising multiples and factors of numbers.

Move onto the more challenging full game mode when you can answer multiplication questions quickly and accurately- play without pausing and score points that appear on the high score table. Vary the speed you play at to receive maximum points for super fast accuracy.

Master multiplication and watch your skills improve as you save the world from the multiplying Moon Monkeys!

Available now as a Universal app on the App Store for iPad/ iPhone and iPod Touch.

Priced £1.49/ $1.99
Available on the App Store



Teachers & Educators

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